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Prepped and painted new window-bench seat

Our customers carpenter completed the bench before we arrived and was working directly for the customer. Customer contacted us because we have done three or four projects for them over the last five years. We estimated the project and told them it would take three days, to do correctly, then we returned each day to first dismantle all moving parts and doors then sand, clean and oil-prime all moving pieces. 

We started with covering all the floors from the door to the work area with brown paper and special painters blue tape to protect their new floors.

Then we returned the next day to sand and clean and first coat followed by overnight curing then followed the third day by sanding and cleaning and second coating and then allowing everything to cure before returning the following day to reassemble all doors, hinges and handles. 

Custom interior painting on Harbor Island, Ponte Vedra, Florida

We covered all floors thoroughly, then sanded and cleaned all interior trim and doors which were 1980’s oil-enamel finish. After sanding and cleaning all trim, doors, crown and window surrounds we cleaned all areas and oil primed to encapsulate original oil-finishes. Then, overnight came back the next day lightly sanded and cleaned again before applying top coats to all areas in a much healthier latex version (Sherwin Williams Proclassic latex) which does not off gas and pollute clean-air breathing spaces. 

Desk and built-in cabinet painting in Deerwood

We converted a dark oil stain, in Deerwood Country club, to a light conversion varnish in the usual, satin finish.

Before Desk Painting Photos

During Desk Painting Photos

After Desk Painting Photos

Entertainment center painting, in Deerwood

We converted an oil-based dark-stained polyurethane finish on a large entertainment center, into a fresh white conversion varnish satin finish, and repainted black TV areas with fresh black paint to freshen area. 

Before Entertainment Center Painting Photos

During Entertainment Center Painting Photos

After Entertainment Center Painting Photos

Built-in cabinet painting in Deerwood Country club

We sanded cleaned and converted existing polyurethane finishes to conversion varnish and repainted everything a fresh pure clean white. 

Before Cabinet Painting Photos

During Cabinet Painting Photos

After Cabinet Painting Photos

Cabinet refinish Glen Kernan area

These are the before photos of a builder-grade cabinets set that we are going to prime & paint in conversion varnish, (Sherwin Williams 7005) SW-Pure White, which is an off-white, very popular with cabinet refinishers abroad.

Conversion varnish is a non-yellowing enamel, that is durable and easy to clean.

We use a specialized primer called Generation 2 waterborne to seal all surfaces and level out any issues in preparation for the 2 enamel top coats.

Before Cabinet Refinish Photos

After Cabinet Refinish Photos

Prepare Garage for Monkey Bars Remodel

Customer needed garage remodeled before Monkey Bars (garage organizer systems) came in to install their organizer systems. We started by removing all the popcorn ceiling texture which was falling off the ceiling anyway, then we installed Double knockdown texture and sealed the ceilings with oil so they won’t have any future moisture issues even in the garage. Then we sanded cleaned and prepped all the walls, before painting them with Sherwin Williams exterior satin to make them tough, scrubbable and wipe-able. Then we cleaned the base and the window sills well, before caulking and putting them. After a brief drying period, we painted all the base, casings, window sills and doors with two coats of Sherwin Super Paint semi-gloss.

Drywall/Insulation replacement followed by interior painting in “Linkside” at Baymeadows

We installed new insulation in wall followed by greenboard drywall for extra mold and mildew protection in the future, and then painted the interior of the room and trim with Sherwin-Williams mid-grade Superpaint products. 

Wood floor repair at “The Peninsula”, in San Marco

Water intrusion issue from a faulty window problem caused the engineered floor to swell, bunch and tent. We came in and installed a dust containment tent/barrier and cut out damaged wood planks. Then we will finger in new boards carefully to re-secure the planks together in the center. 

Soffit Vent Replacements

The little strange vents on your soffits play a very important role on regulating the temperature and humidity of your attic space. It is important that these vents are able to flow freely. I have seen them 75% painted closed and barely functioning.

Most builders from the 80’s and 90’s used metal screens for these Vents and between 15 and 20 years they usually rot out, we replace them with heavy-duty vinyl. Then we paint them with a light coat to match the soffits and they last forever!!

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