Wood Floor Refinishing

Here at AAA, we have an approach to wood floor refinishing but with a healthier touch.

We use only water-based heavy duty finishes from Bona to produce a beautiful long lasting finishes to your floors, without polluting your breathable areas with nasty products like Alkyds and heavy metal airborne pollutants that are found in oil-based polyurethanes.

Wood Floor Repair and Refinishing in Atlantic Beach

Atlantic Beach: 1960’s red Oak parquet floors were severely damaged by pet stains and a few areas of deep furniture scratches. So we replaced roughly 32 square feet with new parquet. Then we pre-sealed and pre-stained new sectons to match 54 year old existing parquet floors. After the stain match was acceptable, we stained the entire floor using Bona Fast-Dri stain with a 30% Graphite/ 70% Jacobean combination to blend browns and greys. After letting the stain dry overnight we returned to apply 3 seperate coats of Bona Traffic HD, using the toughest finish for extra protection because of their upcoming new puppy!!


After Repairs

After Sanding

After Staining

After 3 Coats of Traffic HD

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