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Rust Corrosion Removal and Treatment for Rusty Nail Heads Project

Rusty nail project turns into rust corrosion removal and treatment

This project was called Project Rusty Nail-heads. I counted approx. 48 rusty nail-heads on a sheet in the average rusty-ness spectrum of the siding on this project. The was not a budget for rust extraction process ($10,000-$15,000) so we proceeded into rust corrosion removal and treatment, starting with treating the rust using our seven step “Corrosion Control Cocktail”. What I did was combine two separate corrosion control methods, one..The conversion side of rust systems (75% on the market) we use Ospho and we select their two-coat or Coastal approach. Then we allow that system to fully cure, depending on temperature and moisture levels, 48 hour cure time. Then two….we seal this work in with a one-step product called Rust-Destroyer. We allow for 6 hours between this two-coat regiment, of a supposed one coat system. Perfection…
Allow to cure for minimum of 24 hours then proceed, full steam ahead Captain!!!


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