Popcorn removal, knockdown install and ceiling painting in Marsh Landing in Ponte Vedra Beach

This home was built in 1981 so we had customer take sample of existing original popcorn material that has the possibility of containing asbestos fiber. Customer dropped off samples after calling in to get small checklist from Lynn Bundoc (904)200-2247 and her boss the owner, Tammy. In 24 hours we got our clearance email back and it was under $150 cost I believe.

Day #1, we cover everything, bag and plastic everything possible then dampen texture lightly. I try to take off, and remove (If possible) everything possible before starting. To make covering and maneuvering easier for the entire process.

Then we dampen, wait 10-20 minutes then lightly scrape texture, making sure to stay out of the tape joints. We prefer to get 99% of the original texture and “slurry” or mix off so we can seal ceilings with special clear, low VOC sealer to seal in any dust from original drywall installation, promote a higher-adhesion surface for texture application and resurface ceiling, leveling small scratches, gouges and even screw head depressions on occasions.

We just switched over in July of this year from oil-based primer/sealers under our textures (which we have used for the last 12 years) to low odor, low VOC (nasty heavy chemicals) clear sealers for way less complaints about odors (and burning eyes/noses for first day usually), quicker dry times, and slightly less price point ($100 less per project, average). Odors being the largest reason, we got 3-5 complaints (mostly minor) about oil-based primers/sealers per year since 2011 (when we started averaging one popcorn removal per week, at 52 scrapes (popcorn-to-knockdown conversions), a year.

Now we have approx. 16 popcorn conversions using clear low-odor sealer and we are loving the feedback so far. We tested adhesion, on test piece, and it is hard as a rock. We will not be going back to the oil primer, unless of course we have to go into “ashtray interior smoker removal regiment”. That is still the only way to get rid of those tar stains and/or odors. Regiment goes as follows, clean walls trim and doors, remove tar (mechanical/chemical), clean with TSP, rinse walls with fresh water, allow for dry time, seal with oil-sealer then paint over. 9 step process. Take one step out, odors can come back. Or stains. Or both.

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