Popcorn Removal in Southside

After some extreme covering, and plastic and taping, we utilize a damp removal system to control dust durine demo period. After brief curing period, we repair and fix necessary tape issues, nail pops, screw-pops, and drywall repairs and we fill any troughs/valleys that the last guy left for us. We prefer to spray knockdown texture, it is way more common than smooth finishes and is about half the cost. After texture dries we seal the ceilings with oil based primer/sealer to prevent yellowing down the road. We also have the “Mexican-Cyclones” option, whereas 2 American-Mexican ladies (legal) come in last to tackle the light cleaning, sweeping and vacuuming that usually needs to be done sometimes after any demolition. We have over 300 local popcorn referrals in case you need to speak to a live referral, we have one if not inside your neighborhood, close-by.

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