Cabinet painting in Nocatee

Cabinet painting in Nocatee started with dismantling everything, and building a booth in the garage. Then sanding and cleaning all parts to seal. Then after overnight dry time we will sand them again and a throough cleaning before applying 2 additional coats. Sanding/cleaning in between coats. Then re-assemble carefully and reset all doors and drawers. Then we position and align everything. All materials from Sherwin commercial coatings division.

Shower remodel on Southside

We tore out moldy green board shower, opened up a window section to the left of the door and raised up the header area to allow for steam escape. Then we installed hardibacker with screws, taped and mudded all the seams. Allowed for dry time and then rolled on two coats of elastomeric waterproofing membrane over boards to waterproof the shower. Customer opted for a custom design Niche and also opted to put the floor tile on the ceiling and seat top, to give it some continuity. Customers also bought two corner shelves for additional storage and we ran a mosaic listello band for added style.

Materials are from Marilyn at Prosource Floors.

Before photos:

After carpentry and demo photos:

Backerboard/waterproofing membrane installation photos:

Final photos:

Exterior waterproofing and painting in Mandarin

One of our favorite customers back again, we love our return customers! We appreciate our customers as I’m sure they appreciate our attention to detail when they know they call us they get some of the best in Jacksonville.

Lots of caulking with Sherwin’s Loxon XP as our waterproofing membrane followed by Sherwin’s Resilience Satin to give our waterproofing a skin that will hold up in the sun over the years!

All of our products come from The Trusted Sherwin-Williams company, with San Jose and Sunbeam Road being one of our favorite stores. Dan, Steve and the boys at San Jose go the extra mile to make sure your project is done correctly with the right materials the first time.

Trim and door package installation, in Arlington, with custom pediment headers

Customers in Arlington, wanted to do a Key West style trim package with pediment header tops. We also built custom exposed beams in the living room and build a hidden plumbing wall in the master bath. We also built a custom blind wall and installed wainscotting on both sides.

Colony Cove #2

Leveling and plank tile installation off of San Pablo

Customers converted bedrooms into office. Started with removing sheet vinyl and scraping floors and then leveling approximately 25 bags to bring floor to close to level. Then we installed customer provided porcelain plank tile from ProSource Floors. Marilyn, our account manager, helped our customers find a plank they liked and a grout color that matched. Customers purchased the tile, the upgraded flexible thinset, the grout and the quarter round trim which we installed.

Multi-width Luxury Vinyl Plank on Northside

New product from Coretec LVP, a new twist on vinyl floors, “multi-width” flooring/planks. This flooring comes with 9 inch piece, a 5-inch piece and a 7-inch piece. Having different size planks adds to the authentic-ness and feel of a vinyl floor to win it over to a wood-like, look.

These floors are around $4-$6 per square foot. Materials came from Prosource Floors of Jacksonville. Our account manager is Marilyn.

There is lots of sizes and colors to choose from.

Column skin rebuild in Midleburg/before photos

We purchased upgraded Hardie material from Jeff at Builders First Source. Pulled off old material and repaired areas that needed it, then installed this upgraded exterior composite material. We let the materials acclimate for a couple of days and then we bleached it heavily and washed it with extra rinse, followed by dry time. Next day alloted for morning dew burn off to ensure the bond percentage was high for our oil priming followed by waterproofing/painting with Sherwin Duration exterior for durability and longevity.

Middleburg siding replacement project after photos

We tore off Masonite composite materials and replaced it with Hardie Siding composite siding. We used a peel and stick membrane on bottom 6 feet of both colomns for waterproofing underneath siding.

Beaded soffit vinyl ceiling overlay

Customers paid builder for custom home builder left in drywall ceilings on the outside of their house. What makes it bad as it’s not even moisture resistant or green board it’s regular interior white board. Complete disrespect. So we came in and put up upgraded vinyl customer chose the beaded soffits because they look a little sharper and are not as boring as traditional soffit material it was only an extra $200. Customers got vinyl ceilings installed just prior to exterior paint project which would have involved a bleaching and pressure washing and would have damaged their drywall ceilings. Now they’ll be able to wash scrub and bleach their ceilings whenever they want even the every 12 months like the paint manufacturer recommends!!!

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