Exterior prime and paint in Atlantic Beach

We were replaced a lot of large beam raw Cedar. So we arrived with lots of exterior oil primer. After we got all the raw wood sealed with oil and it set overnight we were able to caulk and putty all the seams and joints and get the home waterproofed. Then we returned with two coats of Sherwin
Resilience over all the caulking and putty work and it came out beautiful.

Repaint exterior in Atlantic Beach

Exterior prime and paint in Mandarin

We sealed all raw wood with oil exterior primer, cut out Andre caulked all corner boards and around the windows and doors. Then we applied two coats of Sherwin Resilience satin on trim and body.

After photos of primer/caulking.

Exterior Work Done

After top coats, Sherwin Resilience satin.

Carpentry repair in Mandarin

We replaced water damaged Cedar siding and decorative finish carpentry. The soffit vents were painted over and the screens were filled in and we noticed that we could hear the wind whistling through the stopped-up screens. So, we removed all of the 44 soffit vents and replaced all the screens to ensure that the attic spaces were able to breathe, allowing for proper drying and/or cooling, depending on the season.

The customer had shrubs up against the home and it was wicking moisture into their siding. We replaced only the damaged areas and replaced all the moisture barrier necessary.

Then sealed all raw wood with oil-based sealer/primer and allowed for ample cure time before caulking and doing putty work.

Exterior carpentry repair in Atlantic Beach

100% Cedar repairs in Atlantic Beach. Materials were special order from Builders First Source on the Westside and we paid extra to have it delivered to the job site. Sealed all the Ross Cedar with oil primer allowing it to cure for several days before installation.

Penthouse painting in Jacksonville Beach

It’s not very often we get to work on the penthouse, so we really put our best foot forward. We put our top three painters on-site and we used the best materials we can get Sherwin-Williams Duration (matte) for the walls and Sherwin Proclassic oil for the trim (normally we use latex products only but the trim was already oil enamel, and the customers didn’t want to convert it over to latex so we just stayed with the oil for convenience). We covered everything 100% with brown Rosen paper and painters plastic to encapsulate any dust.

Ceiling repair and interior painting in Ponte Vedra

We repaired a bonus room ceiling and applied new texture and then prepped and cleaned all the interior walls which had been painted by a flipper and had not ever been painted correctly. So we got out scrapers, sanding sponges and sanding poles and scraped and cut/sanded and cleaned the walls until they were smooth. Afterwards we applied two coats of Sherwin-Williams Cashmere low Lustre to save the customer a few bucks and we painted the base and Sherwin-Williams super paint semi-gloss for its durability and washability.

Engineered wood floor installation-continuation project in Jax Beach

We installed engineered English White Oak, wire-brushed finish, originally customer’s home back in 2014. Her husband passed away this year and his Hope was to get the floors finished (installed in 2 guest rooms and the master with closets always included) so as soon as she got in shape she decided to move forward and do the job that her husband wanted to do before he had passed away. We removed the carpet, the pad and the tack strips and had some grinding that we didn’t expect on some humps in the room. It was unexpected and was a couple hundred dollars, but we kept it to a minimum.

But after the grinding we were able to move forward and install the engineered custom wood floors as was needed. We used the all-in-one adhesive to block future moisture problems. Materials were from Prosource Floors and our account manager is Marilyn.

The Power of Clorox…

Ever wonder if the cheaper bleach is just as good? It’s not. I have used every brand of bleach since the beginning of man nothing beats original Blue Label Clorox. Nothing….

Before Photos:

After Photos:

Ceramic tile project in Ortega area

After our customer got flooded from Irma and had to replace her floors, our customer bought all the materials directly from Prosource Floors on Sunbeam Road. Our account manager Marilyn helped our customer find that perfect tile that was durable and easy to clean, but that wouldn’t clean out here pockets doing her project.

Our customer wanted to do something a little different in her only bathroom and decided to go with a perfect tile that complimented the main floor but had it’s own feel, separate from the other areas.

Popcorn removal and ceiling repairs in Orange Park

A 20 year old roof and a Category 3 hurricane are not a good combination. So after the storm passed our customer went to work to find someone that could both fix her ceilings and remove her dated popcorn ceiling texture.

She got her 4 quotes and we we’re fortunate enough to get the work. She liked our Google reviews and our 2 day “let it dry before painting” approach, and thought that we were the smartest way to proceed.

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