Nocatee Sand and Repaint, Sheen/Flash Repair

Beautiful new home in Nocatee, new home buyers hired a private painting contractor to apply a cleanable, wipe-able coating over the builder’s cheaper, dryer flat finishes the builders used to hide less than perfect finishes.

The company the homeowners hired, came in with a less expensive product and didn’t apply the product systematically, causing areas to most dry at different times and uneven application caused flashing or thicker/thinner dull-outs or discs around all the brushed areas versus the rolled application. Eggshell, matte and satin finishes can be tricky and have to applied very evenly and must all dry at the exact same time to ensure professional level uniformity and durability.

Our suggested approach was to cover all new wood and tile floors with brown rosin paper and special blue tape followed by covering furniture with plastic before sanding walls thoroughly and dusting walls. Finally dusting and cleaning floors well to eliminate dust/wall transfer while the walls are wet. Then applying one thick coat, letting it dry fully then another light sand, (aka scuffing) and a final dust to increase our final coat’s bond percentage and also helps with wall leveling. And then applying our second and final coat. Lot’s of separate steps, but all necessary when looking for those semi-custom finishes to that can match the price point of the home’s value. Something that is becoming seemingly more rare as time goes by.

We suggested our favorite product, Sherwin’s Duration interior matte,  a super scrubbable, high-quality advanced product that is not only great for the environment but also very health concious for your family to breath, touch and live near.

Wall sheens seem to be a thing of the past and people prefer a less shiny finish like eggshell or matte finish these days. These are the least amount of sheen one could pick from and still remain scrubbable and wipe-able.

Clean-ability is hands down the most important reason for the investment and why one would use this more expensive coating. Cleaning is much quicker and costs close to nothing. A repaint is costly and very time consuming if done on a professional level.

Not to mention the half dozen health benefits Duration interior has l, and the anti-mold properties and added and newly improved surface stain resistance qualities. Duration interior has one of the highest anti-burnishing ratings as well, on the market. Anti-burnishing rating is the measurements and comparisons of the un-wanted removal of sheen, shine or finish from wiping excessively of by using an heavy abrasive and non-recommended cleaning chemical product. All this means the coating is tough and durable. Hence the name.

Another great reason to try this product is the price adjustment. Duration interior retails for $64 a gallon (for most customers), but we let our customers buy the product, under our account for our price, $48 per gallon. We pick up everything and deliver at no additional charge for letting us insist on such a great paint. You only pay us for installation of direct bought materials.

The two most important factors in ensuring a professional level paint project will last are: #1 the quality and functionality of the applied products and #2 the thoroughness and professional preparation and application specifics chosen and strictly followed by the applicators.

Duration interior makes sense the most on homes like these, because of the level of protection of your two most important assets. Your family first, and close behind that, your home.

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