Front Door Restoration Jacksonville – Part 2B Second Stain

Front Door Restoration Project for Local Jacksonville Home

Part 2B of 3

Sometimes the Jacksonville customer requests a second coat of stain to deepen our results from first stain. Sometimes the wood does not absorb stain everywhere equally. This can be because the type/style of wood grain or it might be a wood-styled vein which can sometimes be a darker color, harder/softer material and a dryer or moist-er section of our wood. After all, they are random natural sections of natural tree fibers!!

We can also use the second coat sometimes to stain lightly most areas then “flood”, light areas in hopes we can help it to “catch up”!!! Sometimes we use water to open the wood cells up if we have a problematic section. This is called “water popping” but has to be done on a super minimal scale. If we are nervous about the woods ability to absorb we can try to “condition” the grains with oil-based Wood Conditioner to maximize the woods ability and can create a more even appearance and stain uniformity.

Sometimes we suggest an extra day or two of drytime/curetime before sealing moisture in with a blanket-like set (2 or 3 usually) of separate thick coats of oil-based polyurethane Or Spar Urethane “Helmsman Premium Spar” our “favorite” because of the UV blocking ability and ability to “stand up” to our Jacksonville sun and rainy seasons. I have a front door that we did with our restoration process, that has been cleaned each year, by the customer and we showed up on the fifth year 2 days after customer lightly scrubbed and bleached door and casings and we scuffed Spar with some 220 paper, them vacuumed all surfaces before wiped all surfaces with dampened tack rag to remove fine dust from millions of newly created surface cracks. I put one thick coat on 3 (originally) coated door and jamb.

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