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Popcorn Removal

Popcorn removal in Mandarin

We removed approximately 1400 square feet from all the spaces in the home except the garage. the people that live there before never smoked or have lots of pets so we didn’t need to paint it. Saved the customer 800 bucks!!

Coretec install in Orange Park

Customers were reclaiming their rental home of 10 years and letting their daughter move in while she goes to school. So we came in and took all the popcorn ceilings down, there floor had some major humps and valleys so we had to grind down some pumps and self level in to fill in some […]

Popcorn removal and ceiling repairs in Orange Park

A 20 year old roof and a Category 3 hurricane are not a good combination. So after the storm passed our customer went to work to find someone that could both fix her ceilings and remove her dated popcorn ceiling texture. She got her 4 quotes and we we’re fortunate enough to get the work. […]

Popcorn removal in Orange Park

We repaired several boards in ceiling from Irma and removed the remaining popcorn texture and leaving our double knockdown in it’s place. The ceilings had a few water stains on them so as an extra precaution, we sealed all of it in with oil-based primer to thwart future issues. When in doubt, seal it out!! […]

Northside Popcorn Removal

Popcorn to knockdown conversion in one of our favorite Northside subdivisions called  “Eagle Bend”. We covered floors and walls thoroughly then a damp removal of popcorn texture to control dust. Customer volunteered to have popcorn texture material tested for asbestos when I told him about the possibility, just to be safe. It came back negative […]

Popcorn removal, knockdown install and ceiling painting in Marsh Landing in Ponte Vedra Beach

This home was built in 1981 so we had customer take sample of existing original popcorn material that has the possibility of containing asbestos fiber. Customer dropped off samples after calling in to get small checklist from Lynn Bundoc (904)200-2247 and her boss the owner, Tammy. In 24 hours we got our clearance email back […]

Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Arlington Home, Jacksonville

Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Jacksonville We covered floors and walls thoroughly then removed popcorn ceiling texture, repaired spots where needed then primed ceilings with oil based primer/sealer. Then we re-textured ceilings with double knockdown texture before a light clean-up. ” ID=”3514″ order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]

Popcorn Removal and Interior Painting, St. Augustine Road Area

Popcorn removal followed by knockdown texture. Customer requested smooth finish  on back porch. And conversion of interior stained trim to latex top coats. We thoroughly sanded and cleaned existing stained trim and doors and then encapsulated with oil sealer. After a brief drying period, we painted all the trim with Sherwin-Williams product Superpaint semi-gloss latex. […]

Popcorn Removal in the Woods

Popcorn Removal in Kensington

Removed approx. 1,900SF popcorn texture, we installed knockdown texture and we allowed everything dry time. Then we sealed all new texture with oil-based primer/sealer. Light clean-up

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