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Prepped and painted new window-bench seat

Our customers carpenter completed the bench before we arrived and was working directly for the customer. Customer contacted us because we have done three or four projects for them over the last five years. We estimated the project and told them it would take three days, to do correctly, then we returned each day to […]

Custom interior painting on Harbor Island, Ponte Vedra, Florida

We covered all floors thoroughly, then sanded and cleaned all interior trim and doors which were 1980’s oil-enamel finish. After sanding and cleaning all trim, doors, crown and window surrounds we cleaned all areas and oil primed to encapsulate original oil-finishes. Then, overnight came back the next day lightly sanded and cleaned again before applying […]

Desk and built-in cabinet painting in Deerwood

We converted a dark oil stain, in Deerwood Country club, to a light conversion varnish in the usual, satin finish.

Entertainment center painting, in Deerwood

We converted an oil-based dark-stained polyurethane finish on a large entertainment center, into a fresh white conversion varnish satin finish, and repainted black TV areas with fresh black paint to freshen area. 

Two-story foyer painting in Tinseltown area

Repeat customer of ours needed two story for your ceiling and walls painted we came in got it finished in one day! Customers paid for materials over the phone and save themselves $100.

Exterior prime and paint in Atlantic Beach

We were replaced a lot of large beam raw Cedar. So we arrived with lots of exterior oil primer. After we got all the raw wood sealed with oil and it set overnight we were able to caulk and putty all the seams and joints and get the home waterproofed. Then we returned with two […]

Exterior prime and paint in Mandarin

We sealed all raw wood with oil exterior primer, cut out Andre caulked all corner boards and around the windows and doors. Then we applied two coats of Sherwin Resilience satin on trim and body.

Carpentry repair in Mandarin

We replaced water damaged Cedar siding and decorative finish carpentry. The soffit vents were painted over and the screens were filled in and we noticed that we could hear the wind whistling through the stopped-up screens. So, we removed all of the 44 soffit vents and replaced all the screens to ensure that the attic […]

Penthouse painting in Jacksonville Beach

It’s not very often we get to work on the penthouse, so we really put our best foot forward. We put our top three painters on-site and we used the best materials we can get Sherwin-Williams Duration (matte) for the walls and Sherwin Proclassic oil for the trim (normally we use latex products only but […]

Ceiling repair and interior painting in Ponte Vedra

We repaired a bonus room ceiling and applied new texture and then prepped and cleaned all the interior walls which had been painted by a flipper and had not ever been painted correctly. So we got out scrapers, sanding sponges and sanding poles and scraped and cut/sanded and cleaned the walls until they were smooth. […]

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