Kitchen Remodel

While Your at Work Program!

We use upgraded lock boxes so we can literally tackle your interior repaint, new tile floor installation, shower replacement, wood floor refinish, or kitchen tile floor replacement all “While your at work”!!! We can have the job site cleaned up, tools neatly tucked away and be gone all before you pull into your driveway!!

Landfills and Proper Dumping

One of our big priorities is the environment. We always take debris to local approved landfills and properly dispose of unused or old paints at approved collection centers. We only have one chance at preserving our environment. To do things right is the minamum we can do the future of the planet.

Custom Kitchen Backsplash for Jacksonville G&C Club

AAA Completes another Custom Kitchen Backsplash for a Jacksonville Golf & Country Club Home We used finger mosaics from ProSource for this Jacksonville custom kitchen backsplash job. Want a custom backsplash for your kitchen remodel? Contact us.

Rust Corrosion Removal and Treatment for Rusty Nail Heads Project

Rusty nail project turns into rust corrosion removal and treatment This project was called Project Rusty Nail-heads. I counted approx. 48 rusty nail-heads on a sheet in the average rusty-ness spectrum of the siding on this project. The was not a budget for rust extraction process ($10,000-$15,000) so we proceeded into rust corrosion removal and treatment, […]

Custom Kitchen Tile Backsplash Over Stove

We just completed a kitchen remodel project involving a custom kitchen tile backsplash over stove. Prosource designed, Carrera subway tiles with custom stove medallion. Step into your kitchen one minute, and your swept away in your own Italian gondola equipped with microwave and stove, thanks to custom kitchen tile backsplash over stove. Looking for a […]

Our Green Corporate Responsibility

We start by being very careful not to put any products/construction debris in, or on the ground. We use plastic and drop clothes to catch paint, dust and sawdust. We minimize the amount of trash that has been contaminated by chemicals or paints/stains . We never rinse out near a ditch or run-off area. We […]

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