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Driveway Clean, Acid Wash then Clear Seal

We pressure washed the concrete with bleach, letting the real Clorox (better) sit for 6-8 minutes before triple rinsing. Then the next day we acid washed with H&C acid wash treatment. Then let sections of this beast dry for a minimum of 24 hours, on a warm day. Then we double coat driveway with clear […]

Popcorn to Knockdown Conversion

We cover the floors and the walls with different types of plastic, then we danced remove the popcorn after its verified to not have any chances of having a asbestos in it. Then we do any tape repairs  and water damage repairs from before and then any screwing or re-fastening in the areas that we […]

Front Door Prep & Paint in Atlantic Beach

First, we sanded the door with a medium sanding sponges. Then dusted it thoroughly before cleaning it with a mold-killing degrees er and a scrub brush. Rinsed it well, and allowed the door to dry overnight. Then we caulked around the insert and recalled the door jamb using fast-dry Lightning Bolt caulking. Then we applied […]

Interior Door Swap from Pet Urine Damage

Customer had aging cat that been in the family for years. And unfortunately really enjoyed visiting with several of their door jambs in the hallways. After their kitty moved on, the customers had to replace an interior composite door, 16 linear feet of sheetrock and wooden base and a large section of the carpet in […]

Stucco Repair in the Plantations in Ponte Vedra Beach

One of favorite neighborhoods for exterior  repaints gets yet another waterproofing project under way!! The top coat or synthetic worm-finish was damaged and had fallen off in several areas. Our stucco specialist swooped in to save the day!! After 72 hours cure time we can seal new repair in, with Sherwin Williams Loxon Conditioner. After […]

Popcorn Removal, Knock Down Installation

We start by covering floors and walls thoroughly. Then we remove the popcorn using a damp technique to control dust. Then we spray the ceilings with knock down texture. Allow texture to dry thoroughly before we spray ceilings with special oil-primer/sealer to seal in gypsum material.

Front Door Refinish in TPC Ponte Vedra

We sanded and cleaned the door thoroughly before caulking and putting nec. areas. Then we painted a coat of Duration exterior satin. Went to a 2 hour lunch to ensure it would be dry, then lightly scuffed door to ensure good bond on the second coat. Then dusted and damp ragged all paint able surfaces. […]

Wainscoting (Faux) Picture Frames and Chair Rail Installation and Painting

All custom made by our in-house carpenter. Then sanded and prepped, before oil-priming and painting everything two coats of Sherwin Williams Proclassic latex semi-gloss.

Built-in Construction and Painting

We turned an old closet into split shelving systems, added a French door in the back of the old closet and built twin bookshelves in the rear wall of the haltry.

Ponte Vedra Built-in Modification and Repaint

We built extra thick shelves to match cabinet styles. Heavily sanded and cleaned built-ins, then two coated built-in and repainted two interior rooms. Proclassic latex semi-gloss on trim and cabinets. Duration matte on walls. Project was one of our repeat favorites, right there in beautiful Sawgrass TPC!!

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