Front Door Refinishing

Front door restoration step 2B “second stain”

Sometimes the customer requests a second coat of stain to deepen our results from first stain. Sometimes the wood does not absorb stain everywhere equally. This can be because the type/style of wood grain or it might be a wood-styled vein which can sometimes be a darker color, harder/softer material and a dryer or moist-er […]

Front Door Restoration – Phase #2 Staining

Next we take customer selected stain after it’s been tested (and accepted by customer) and apply stain to the door usually one coat of stain per day. The grains of the wood have to accept the stain and it has to dry in place so that we don’t reactivate the original stain. Stains can be […]

Front Door Restoration – Phase #1 Stripping

This is the beginning of the restoration process where we cover all the hardware that were not taking off with blue tape and strip the entire surface to be stained to relieve the top coat and polyurethane and lacquer coatings. We use high quality strippers and usually strip the door two or three times in […]

Front door refinishing in The Plantations in Ponte Vedra

We replaced the bottom gasket called the door sweep, on both sides. Then we removed the weather stripping from around the door and covered the floors and the local area. Then we sanded and cleaned the door with several different grits of sandpaper. Then we shop-vac’ed and dusted then damp ragged the door to remove […]

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