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Exterior Pressure Washing

Exterior waterproofing and painting project in Mandarin.

We pressure washed the house with a strong Clorox mix with extra rinses to alleviate excess chemicals. Then we applied Sherwin Loxon Conditioner to raw stucco skirt in rear of home and painted it with Loxon XP to waterproof it. Then we painted the house with two coats of Sherwin’s Resilience exterior Satin. Customer purchased […]

Exterior waterproofing and crack repair in Queen’s Harbor

Heavy pressure wash with tons of bleach. Filled cracks with sealant then coated all stucco with Loxon XP. Waited overnight then overcoated Loxon with Resilience satin for better long term color fastness.

Exterior Repaint in Glen Kernan Subdivision

Heavy pressure wash with real Clorox. Then caulk and putty cracks. Then painted Sherwin Loxon with Sherwin Resilience over that.

We now install vinyl, over drywall on ceilings

We got so sick of seeing drywall, used by tightwad builders, being installed on outside ceilings, that we started installing vinyl over them to protect them. After the install the homeowner can pressure-wash and clean the vinyl. Some homeowners swear by being able to scrub the vinyl with an extension pole/scrub head also. Installation takes […]

Wood deck restoration in Mandarin

Heavily bleached deck using real Clorox, followed by extra rinses and allowed to dry overnight. Then we applied two coats of oil-based deckscapes from Sherwin-Williams to seal and protect wood from moisture and UV degradation. Customer just has to keep deck pressure washed every 12 months and then every three to five years put another […]

Exterior carpentry repair and exterior painting in Orange Park

We repaired approximately 12 different sites on fascia boards and drip-edge support boards. Then we pressure washed the house thoroughly and caulked all available seams. After overnight curing, we applied two coats of Sherwin-Williams Resilience.

Exterior pressure wash and painting in Perimeter Park off of Southside Blvd.

Commercial building in Perimeter Park had not been pressure washed in over 10 years. There was hairline cracks in some of the stucco banding that would have been caught if the building had been maintained properly. We pressure washed the building with heavy bleach mix to kill all mold and mildew growth. The next day […]

Exterior Pressure Wash in Arlington

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