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Exterior Carpentry

Soffit Vent Replacements

The little strange vents on your soffits play a very important role on regulating the temperature and humidity of your attic space. It is important that these vents are able to flow freely. I have seen them 75% painted closed and barely functioning. Most builders from the 80’s and 90’s used metal screens for these […]

Fill in skylights and install beaded vinyl on a back porch ceiling on Southside

Customers wanted to fill-in skylights, on converted back porch area, to eliminate all the excess heat and humidity they caused. So we cut plywood and installed a ledger, dropped in cut outs of 3/4 plywood and screwed them down well. Then we removed poorly installed and missing crown molding exposing an expected 1″-2″ gap along […]

Exterior prime and paint in Atlantic Beach

We were replaced a lot of large beam raw Cedar. So we arrived with lots of exterior oil primer. After we got all the raw wood sealed with oil and it set overnight we were able to caulk and putty all the seams and joints and get the home waterproofed. Then we returned with two […]

Exterior prime and paint in Mandarin

We sealed all raw wood with oil exterior primer, cut out Andre caulked all corner boards and around the windows and doors. Then we applied two coats of Sherwin Resilience satin on trim and body.

Exterior waterproofing and painting in Mandarin

One of our favorite customers back again, we love our return customers! We appreciate our customers as I’m sure they appreciate our attention to detail when they know they call us they get some of the best in Jacksonville. Lots of caulking with Sherwin’s Loxon XP as our waterproofing membrane followed by Sherwin’s Resilience Satin […]

Column skin rebuild in Midleburg/before photos

We purchased upgraded Hardie material from Jeff at Builders First Source. Pulled off old material and repaired areas that needed it, then installed this upgraded exterior composite material. We let the materials acclimate for a couple of days and then we bleached it heavily and washed it with extra rinse, followed by dry time. Next […]

Middleburg siding replacement project after photos

We tore off Masonite composite materials and replaced it with Hardie Siding composite siding. We used a peel and stick membrane on bottom 6 feet of both colomns for waterproofing underneath siding. ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]

Cleaned, caulked then waterproofed stucco window bands

Cracks in coating around glass block wall allowed small amounts of water in and it caused a $1,500 repair inside wall. After bleaching the stucco a couple of days in advance, then returning after the morning dew had burnt off, and caulked around opening using Shermax elastomeric coating. After a 2 day cure period, we […]

Mandarin Animal Hospital Stucco Repairs.

This is the third large commercial building that we are prepping and painting. This portion of the project has awning removal and cleaning, stucco repair and re-texturing and pressure washi g and waterproofing/painting using our classic cracking stucco regiment (Loxon XP undercoater with Sherwin Resilience satin as the top coat because of it’s color-fastness in […]

Waterproofing Exterior in Julington

Here you can see the “build” on the top of the wall, stucco finishes to ensure the stucco gets filled, waterproofed and will stay a dependable, sun resistant, easily-cleaned, mildew and surface mold resistant waterproofing membrane. Photo-ed here is Sherwin Exterior Duration Satin. Our favorite and “top-pick” for top of the line exterior coating for […]

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