Exterior Carpentry

We now install vinyl, over drywall on ceilings

We got so sick of seeing drywall, used by tightwad builders, being installed on outside ceilings, that we started installing vinyl over them to protect them. After the install the homeowner can pressure-wash and clean the vinyl. Some homeowners swear by being able to scrub the vinyl with an extension pole/scrub head also. Installation takes […]

Carpentry and drywall repair in Mandarin

Replace rotten wood, new insulation and replaced Sheetrock.

Exterior carpentry repair in Atlantic Beach

We demo-ed approx. 10 sites where the wood installed previously had never been “sealed” and soon as water hit it, it fell apart. We seal all Wood with exterior oil-based primer/sealer to make the carpentry pieces moisture resistant. With out it, the wood is a sponge. We prime all 10 sides of the pieces. The […]

Exterior Carpentry Repairs in Atlantic Beach

Carpentry Repair and Exterior Repaint in Avondale

Repaired carpentry trim around garage door and replaced all of the wood soffits and fascia boards. Then pressure washed, prepped and repainted exterior trim.

Soffit Replacements in San Marco

The wood soffits, fascia and crown molding needed to removed and replaced. Pump jacks used for safety and speed on project.

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