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Drywall/Insulation replacement followed by interior painting in “Linkside” at Baymeadows

We installed new insulation in wall followed by greenboard drywall for extra mold and mildew protection in the future, and then painted the interior of the room and trim with Sherwin-Williams mid-grade Superpaint products.  ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]

Drywall install in new garage in Orange Park

Customers had separated garage workshop built on the side of their home. They called us for an estimate to install drywall, I recommended green board to thwart any moisture issues in the future. We finished the walls smooth finish and textured the ceilings with knockdown texture. Then we primed the walls with Sherwin’s Problock latex […]

Paneling removal and drywall installation and finishing in Deerwood

Removed approx. 300 SF of old-school Luan styled paneling from home/office in Deerwood subdivision. We love our Deerwood projects. We have had about 2 a year, for the last 8 years or so. Lots of homes in the neighborhood built in the 80’s and 90’s. Installed traditional 1/2″ drywall using screws only. Taped and finished […]

The Cost of a Crack

This is what happens when a crack develops on the outside your house, and does not get inspected and/or maintained and repaired. It was in a tricky spot, on a second story window ledge.  Over 6 to 8 years this crack slowly drips inside the wall and then rot’s out the framing in the wall. […]

Drywall Installation in Atlantic Beach

We tore down interior sheetrock and replaced it with exterior soffit board, using deck screws to stop the major rust problem that was there before we got there.

Drywall replacement off of Ortega Farms

Westside custom home on the river had water intrusion and damaged half the drywall in the home. We replaced drywall with mold/mildew resistant drywall. We use screws only, no nails.

Drywall repairs in Mandarin

Customers needed some drywall replacement. We were able to step in and help them and get the drywall replaced in under three days.

Hang new sheetrock, mud, tape and finish in San Marco

Customer converted his own garage into a couple new rooms, he hung 80% of the rock and threw in the towel. We came in to finish by hanging 6 new sheets then taping and mudding all 50 sheets. Customer elected to jump back in and finish the project by doing his own painting.

Vinyl Drywall Ceiling Overlay Project in Mandarin

We installed vinyl over the front and rear porches. Now the entire home can be pressure washed and bleached.

Drywall Replacement in Mandarin

Small cracks and wind (over 8 years) caused water damage to drywall along one exterior wall in home. So we replaced the damaged drywall after the restoration company brought the moisture levels down to acceptable levels for installation. To save some money, customers did their own painting.

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