Drywall replacement off of Ortega Farms

Westside custom home on the river had water intrusion and damaged half the drywall in the home. We replaced drywall with mold/mildew resistant drywall. We use screws only, no nails.

Drywall repairs in Mandarin

Customers needed some drywall replacement. We were able to step in and help them and get the drywall replaced in under three days.

Hang new sheetrock, mud, tape and finish in San Marco

Customer converted his own garage into a couple new rooms, he hung 80% of the rock and threw in the towel. We came in to finish by hanging 6 new sheets then taping and mudding all 50 sheets. Customer elected to jump back in and finish the project by doing his own painting.

Vinyl Drywall Ceiling Overlay Project in Mandarin

We installed vinyl over the front and rear porches. Now the entire home can be pressure washed and bleached.

Drywall Replacement in Mandarin

Small cracks and wind (over 8 years) caused water damage to drywall along one exterior wall in home. So we replaced the damaged drywall after the restoration company brought the moisture levels down to acceptable levels for installation. To save some money, customers did their own painting.

We now install vinyl, over drywall on ceilings

We got so sick of seeing drywall, used by tightwad builders, being installed on outside ceilings, that we started installing vinyl over them to protect them. After the install the homeowner can pressure-wash and clean the vinyl. Some homeowners swear by being able to scrub the vinyl with an extension pole/scrub head also. Installation takes […]

Carpentry and drywall repair in Mandarin

Replace rotten wood, new insulation and replaced Sheetrock.

Crown molding installation in Arlington

We installed 6 inch crown in the taller areas answer 4 5/8″ crown in the bedrooms and hallway. Then the painter arrived to prep and prime crown, two coats.

Wall Texture Removal Off Of Kernan

Customer had DIY version of Venetian plaster but instead of done in plaster was done in drywall mud. So we covered floors took off all of the electrical receptacle covers and scraped off all the tops of these pillows. Then after dusting we skimmed the walls 3 times with all purpose drywall mud.

Knockdown Texture and Sealing Off of San Jose Blvd

Customer’s home was built in the late 1970’s, she did some research and found out the chances of the home having asbestos were better than 25%. She thought ahead and had a sampling company come out and take a sample of the texture and the mud it’s encapsulated in. The company delivers the sample to […]

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