Built-Ins and Bookcases

Custom bookcases installed in St Johns County

Customer called us to install custom bookcases into builder built openings. This is before we arrived to seal and paint cabinets with high-quality lacquer for performance and longevity.

Custom Built-In, in Atlantic Beach

First, the customer had general contractor remove large window and fill in area with brick. Then our carpenter set down with the customers and helped them design the built-in to fit their needs. We refinished the oak parquet floors before we built the built-in cabinets. After we built the cabinets, we primed them with oil-based […]

Custom Built-in on the Westside

Custom Built-in Inside Master Bedroom Closet

We removed traditional wire shelving installed by the builder. Our carpenter built a custom built-in centered in closet. Center shelf is fixed to give large cabinet stability. Other 6 shelves are adjustable and we installed metal heavy duty “standards” so that the customer could tailor fit the built-in to their needs without needing any tools. […]

Custom Built-in and Stain Match

Originally the builder installed an upper and a lower cabinet in the center of the opening. We built towers on both sides and built a matching top across the Lowes to tie it all in. Then we stain matched all new wood to match builder’s cabinets. After 3 coats of stain we were able to […]

Built-in Construction and Painting

We turned an old closet into split shelving systems, added a French door in the back of the old closet and built twin bookshelves in the rear wall of the haltry.

Custom Haltry/Built-in and Wainscoting Installation and Painting

Custom built by our in-house carpenter. Then sanded cleaned and oil-primed. Allowed to dry over the weekend. Then re-sanded and re-cleaned. Then two coated with Sherwin Williams ProClassic latex semi-gloss. Customer paid for materials directly from manufacturers, local distributors and/or lumber yards. Customers get to use our contractor’s pricing, if applicable.

Ponte Vedra Built-in Modification and Repaint

We built extra thick shelves to match cabinet styles. Heavily sanded and cleaned built-ins, then two coated built-in and repainted two interior rooms. Proclassic latex semi-gloss on trim and cabinets. Duration matte on walls. Project was one of our repeat favorites, right there in beautiful Sawgrass TPC!!

Custom Carpentry in St. John’s County

Customer wanted to have custom haltry built in entry off of garage entrance for storage. So we recessed the haltry in the office behind it, moved the entrance to that room to the formal living room, through the back of the existing closet removing bi-fold closet doors and turned the old sides of the existing […]

Custom Carpentry and Bookshelves in St. John’s County

Custom carpentry, custom bookshelves, built-ins and custom haltry.

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