San Marco Wood Floor Refinish – After Photos

We now install vinyl, over drywall on ceilings

We got so sick of seeing drywall, used by tightwad builders, being installed on outside ceilings, that we started installing vinyl over them to protect them. After the install the homeowner can pressure-wash and clean the vinyl. Some homeowners swear by being able to scrub the vinyl with an extension pole/scrub head also. Installation takes about 4 hours and you are all set.

Before Pics from San Marco Wood Floor Refinish

Porcelain Plank Installation in Mandarin.

Customer bought materials from ProSource Flooring and paid for materials direct using our account saving themselves over $2,000. After the materials came in we picked the  materials up and delivered them for no additional charge for the customer. Only under one stipulation good quality thin-set mortar.

We then demo-ed the existing tile floors and vinyl floors and installed a roll-on stress crack fracture membrane to allow for minor movements without a total destruction of the flooring and a failure of the flooring system.

Then we installed flooring using upgraded thin-set for durability and flexibility during the life of product. After the floors were installed we installed pre-primed shoe molding around the perimeter and then prepped and painted the shoe and the base so that we handled the entire project from start to finish. The paint covered really well because the customer bought a good quality enamel from Sherwin-Williams called super paint semi-gloss. So we sanded, prepped and painted one thick coat on all base around perimeter of project.

Wood deck restoration in Mandarin

Heavily bleached deck using real Clorox, followed by extra rinses and allowed to dry overnight. Then we applied two coats of oil-based deckscapes from Sherwin-Williams to seal and protect wood from moisture and UV degradation. Customer just has to keep deck pressure washed every 12 months and then every three to five years put another coat of the oil base stain over existing stain to continue preservation.

Interior Custom Painting in Marsh Landing

Covered all wood floors to protect, sanded and cleaned all trim, then three coated all interior surfaces.

Carpentry and drywall repair in Mandarin

Replace rotten wood, new insulation and replaced Sheetrock.

Cabinet Painting in Mandarin.

Dismantled cabinets and drawers, sanded and cleaned everything thoroughly. Then sealed all areas with oil based primer/sealer and allowed for full cure time. Then painted two coats high build, pre-catalyzed.

Backsplash Installation Off of Baymeadows.

Travertine in the “Versailles Pattern” installed in Jacksonville Beach

Customer bought all the materials from ProSource. After the materials came in, ProSource called us, I went by and picked them up and delivered them, for no charge and then we installed and grouted them. Travertine is always timeless and never goes out of style.

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