Cabinet Painting in St. John’s County

We converted these Cherry stained cabinets over to a pre-catalyzed lacquer finish for durability and clean-ability. Project took 5 days and cost $2,500 for labor and materials. Adding holes/handles cost $200, customer had to provide handles.

Engineered hardwood glue down installation on the Southside

Customer bought the materials (wood, glue and quarter round trim) directly from Marilyn at Prosource Floors, using our account and saving them $750. We removed the engineered wood floor installed originally by the builder, then leveled the floor twice to correct pretty serious slab issues. Then installed new engineered wood with All-in-one adhesive to thwart future moisture issues.

Hang new sheetrock, mud, tape and finish in San Marco

Customer converted his own garage into a couple new rooms, he hung 80% of the rock and threw in the towel. We came in to finish by hanging 6 new sheets then taping and mudding all 50 sheets. Customer elected to jump back in and finish the project by doing his own painting.

Drywall, trim and repaint project on Harbor Island, Marsh Landing

Moisture intrusion damaged existing drywall and trim. We removed all damaged areas and let walls dry out completely. Then we returned to install mold resistant drywall and PVC base molding. We also rebuilt around 2 large windows. We also repaired ripped drywall tape between boards on ceilings.

Crown molding and shelf install project

We installed 5 1/4″ pre-primed crown molding in their living room and installed 5 pre-made custom shelves for closet. Then sanded and prepped the areas. Then painted all surfaces, 2 coats.

Exterior Repaint in Glen Kernan Subdivision

Heavy pressure wash with real Clorox. Then caulk and putty cracks. Then painted Sherwin Loxon with Sherwin Resilience over that.

Interior painting in Glen Kernan subdivision

We went with Sherwin Cashmere, flat enamel for walls. And the walls came out really smooth and clean looking. Flat enamel has just a touch of a sheen very much like a matte finish. But without having the sheen or glossiness that some paints can have. And sometimes can affect the color and look of the paint as well.

Vinyl Ceiling Overlay (front & back) in Mandarin

Customer had issues with existing drywall after company pressure-washed homes drywall soaked up large amounts of water and fell apart. We arrived to take out damaged sheetrock and fill with new rock, then install vinyl overlay over the sheetrock to protect it and an enable to be cleaned in the future.

Wood Floor Refinish in Glen Kernan

We sanded down the finish on the existing engineered wood floor then cleaned and prepped the floor before applying several stain samples for the customer to select. After a weekend, and a few back and forths, the customer selected a slightly lighter color to complement the wood on the stairs. Worked out nicely!!!

We stained the freshly exposed wood fibers using Bona fast-dry oil-based wood stain. After the stain cured overnight we sealed the wood using Bona sealer, followed by 2 thick coats of Bona Traffic.

Shower Replacement in Mandarin

We replaced builder’s original shower because of odors the customer could not get rid of. Well once removed the shower we discovered the culprit, concrete backerboard that had never been waterproofed was ran directly into mud bed and had wicked moisture (from the pan mud) up the backerboard approx. 10″, up behind the tile. It was incredibly musty.

After we installed our backer boards we rolled a waterproofing membrane on the surface, 2 thick coats (it’s usually black). This is to prevent this issue.

We wrapped the travertine sills up the curb from one wall to the opposite wall to waterproof all areas where our door will be mounted and add a beautiful design element to our final finish.

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