Custom Built-In

We were contacted by customer to add on to his built-in system, so we built additional pieces from Birch plywood and had our professional painter to come in to stain and finish cabinets. Match came out almost perfect!!

Built-in add-on

We custom built this bookcase and dividers into an already existing space and then we primed and painted it all to match. Shelves and dividers were custom made and planned/designed by customer and we built it to her specifications.

Faux Finish Built-In.

We had our for faux finish artist, faux finish these cabinets and add in custom stencil work.

Custom Built Decorative Ceiling Beams

We custom built ceiling beams to customer specifications. Then we primed and painted them to match the trim.

Two-story foyer painting in Tinseltown area

Repeat customer of ours needed two story for your ceiling and walls painted we came in got it finished in one day! Customers paid for materials over the phone and save themselves $100.

Popcorn removal in Mandarin

We removed approximately 1400 square feet from all the spaces in the home except the garage. the people that live there before never smoked or have lots of pets so we didn’t need to paint it. Saved the customer 800 bucks!!

Coretec install in Orange Park

Customers were reclaiming their rental home of 10 years and letting their daughter move in while she goes to school. So we came in and took all the popcorn ceilings down, there floor had some major humps and valleys so we had to grind down some pumps and self level in to fill in some valleys, then we were able to install Coretec (from ProSource Floors) from corner to corner, the customers loved it so much they went ahead and put it everywhere including the bathrooms!

Then the following day the carpenter arrived to install shoe molding around perimeter. Followed by the painters and the cleaning lady!!

Floor protection, at it’s best!!

On our remodels where we’re doing flooring and painting I prefer to do the floor first and then cover it with professional construction paper called “X-Paper”. It is 3 times thicker than traditional construction paper and has a special moisture retardant that allows moisture from penetrating paper. When the painters arrive they tape around the edge and their floors are covered!!

After the painters finish, we roll the paper up like a burrito and off we go!!

Exterior waterproofing and painting project in Mandarin.

We pressure washed the house with a strong Clorox mix with extra rinses to alleviate excess chemicals. Then we applied Sherwin Loxon Conditioner to raw stucco skirt in rear of home and painted it with Loxon XP to waterproof it. Then we painted the house with two coats of Sherwin’s Resilience exterior Satin. Customer purchased materials from Sherwin, but using our account for our pricing and we just charged labor. Keeps it simple keeps it cheaper. Lets the customer get the materials at our cost and lets us insist on a better material for a longer lasting paint job!!

We repainted the exterior after cutting out the failing caulking and re-caulking the exterior using Sherwin Williams Shermax (which is a 50 year exterior grade waterproofing sealant. And the stuff stays pretty gooey and flexible which is why it is so expensive ($5 a tube). Then top coating everything with an amazing Exterior coating called Sherwin Williams Resilience. We prefer the satin finish.

Cabinet painting in Mandarin

These are the before photos of the maple kitchen cabinets. Customer saw cabinets at ProSource that he wanted his cabinets to look exactly like, so Jeff Couey at ProSource was nice enough to loan me one of his drawer fronts so I can take it to the Powers Ave. Sherwin store and get it matched.

After sanding, cleaning and sealing all paintable surfaces using Generation#2 primer/sealer and allow for overnight dry curing period. The we return to sand and clean all areas again before applying 2 coats of pre-catalyzed lacquer finishes in the dull-rubbed effect or (satin finish). Then we re-assembled all the doors, drawers and fixtures.

We brought in a faux finisher to do the glazing and antiquing of the cabinets 7 days after the paint had cured.

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