Shower carpentry repair in Atlantic Beach

We wanted to reduce the size of a pony wall next to the toilet and wanted to eliminate the header because the header just blocked all the beautiful tile work we’re about to install. So with the customers permission we reduced down the pony wall down to 4 foot so you can see the shower and placed a sidebar in the pony wall so the niche could rest on it. After opening the long wall we noticed a small leak in the glass block window that had rotted out approximately 12- 2×4’s. We replaced them and replaced the insulation where it was damaged. 

After further investigation, we found the culprit. Pictures of the outside of the glass block window, are attached. Notice the hair line cracks in the stucco bands, on the flat parts of the stucco. 

Cabinet refinish in Crescent Beach

We refinished kitchen cabinets using pre-catalyzed lacquer for a super durable, non-yellowing finish. We also refinished pantry doors, casings and base. 
Project took 6 days total.  

Before Photos

After Photos

Mantle modification/tile installation

Carpenter modified the mantle and we installed mosaic glass tiles vertically, then installed Schluter edging to finish off the inside edges around the firebox.

Commercial Exterior Painting, Julington Animal Hospital Building #1

Commercial exterior painting, Julington Animal Hospital Building #2.

Heavy pressure wash using Clorox original bleach, the following day we put plastic over windows and waterproofed by using a case of Shermax elastomeric sealant around Windows, door and casing openings and re-caulked all of the butt-joints in between all of the Hardi styled siding (whivh 80% had failed) Cutting out failed sealant with a razor, and replacing with 40 year super flexible Shermax. After a night of drytime we treated any visible rust then another evening of dry time. Then we painted 2 seperate coats of Sherwin Resilience satin for longevity and good color-fastness and longevity.

We set up for customer to purchase materials directly from Sherwin, but using our 47% off contractor’s discount, letting us charge only for labor. Saving the customer at least $2,000 over our three building plan.

Sherwin delivers for free for our customer also. A win for both of us.

Interior Repaint in Mandarin

Customer bought the materials (paint and tape only) and we painted the walls only and she used the $250 Labor special for 1 medium room, walls only, two coats. We prefer a product called Duration. Almost anything covers in 2 with Sherwin Duration matte (like eggshell).

We cover the floors, cover trim with blue tape then sand and clean walls. Then spackle and caulk where needed then apply 2 seperate coats of wall paint.

Exterior Repainting in Mandarin

Customers elected to buy all the materials directly from Sherwin-Williams and pay us labor only to pressure wash prep and repaint their house two coats. We pressure wash with heavy bleach mix, and followed by overnight drying then came back and caulked and puttied and did our Rush treatments followed by another overnight curing. And then two coats of Sherwin-Williams Resilience satin. The materials came to about $650 using our discounts. Sherwin-Williams delivered to the customer’s house, for no charge, and they put it in the garage until we got there. Buying the materials direct saved the customers about $400 overall.

Drywall Installation in Atlantic Beach

We tore down interior sheetrock and replaced it with exterior soffit board, using deck screws to stop the major rust problem that was there before we got there.

Wood Floor Refinish in Jacksonville Beach

We sanded and cleaned solid wood floor then refinished with three coats of Bona Traffic water based polyurethane.

Interior Painting in Arlington

Condominium owner in Arlington used our account to buy the materials from Sherwin-Williams and saved himself $375!!

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